Cosmetic Dermatology


What is it used for?
Treats lines that are formed from expression:
  • Forehead lines – due to raising forehead
  • Crow’s feet – due to contraction of the muscle around the eyes when you smile
  • Glabella (‘eleven’) lines between eyebrows

What is it?
It is an inactivated protein neuro-toxin from the bacterium, botulinum that is injected into the skin with a small, fine needle.

How it works: The toxin binds to the receptors on the muscles, thereby blocking them. Thus the muscle cannot receive the message from the nerve to contract. Without contraction, the lines relax. They may not fully relax after one treatment if the lines are very deep (remember the muscle has been contracting for years), but after several treatments in succession the lines usually fully relax.

What it can and cannot treat
Botox cannot treat nasolabial folds or marionette lines because these are a result of facial volume loss, not muscle contraction.

How long does it last?
Between 4-6 months. Usually in the beginning, patients get about only 4 months out of it, but after several consecutive injections, it’s usually more towards the 6 month duration.

How long does a treatment take to perform?
3-5 minutes


  • No exercise for 3 hours after treatment.
  • Don’t rub or massage area for 30 minutes (makeup can be applied gently)
  • Make expression in area treated for 30 minutes
(eg. if forehead was treated, raise eyebrows repeatedly
if glabella was treated, frown repeatedly
if crows feet were treated, smile repeatedly

What are the most common complications?
Bruising is the most common adverse effect. It is usually mild, and fully resolves within a week or two.